• Toshimizu Kanou

    Toshimizu Kanou

    Cofounder and chief marketing officer

    At the age of 18, Kanou began to study International Business Informatics at Nihon University and was proficient in Chinese, Japanese and English. He also specializes in philosophy, psychology, archaeology, cosmology, religion, philosophy, and action psychology. Kanou has deep research and study in information technology, Internet, software and hardware, etc. He is also a pioneer of IT industry in Japan with his own research ability. In recent years, Kanou has studied deeply on blockchain, and he has strong cognition and insight in the field of blockchain. Kanou has great passion for IT, block chain, and the Internet. With the team, Kanou will be fully responsible for the marketing by his achievements and capabilities in the IT, blockchain, and marketing areas.

  • Takumi Asano

    Takumi Asano

    Co-founder and chief creative officer

    Takumi Asano, who is only 20 years old, is an extreme talented technical expert in Japanese game industry. He has unique views and ability in planning and developing the game. Takumi Asano is a dream realizer. He founded Morning Field Japan Co., Ltd. in Tokyo, japan. As the executive director of the company, he is fully responsible for the use of Fintech related technology services to do research and planning development. Takumi Asano is young and passionate, with unlimited creativity, extremely active thinking ability, advanced technical planning capabilities, and sharp sense of the market, he created large numbers of legends in the industry. Invited by Toshimizu Kanou, Takumi joined this project. He is responsible for the overall planning and creative work for the project.

  • Ryuya Kou

    Ryuya Kou

    Engineer, and, Hacker

    After graduating from Tokyo's private high school, Ryuya Kou studied finance and Mathematical Sciences, computer science in Tokyo University. Takumi Asano was a good friend of him in high school and he was involved in MOLD system development.

  • Shunsuke Yoda

    Shunsuke Yoda

    Chief Technology Officer

    After graduating from Kaisei Senior High School, a private school in Tokyo, Shunsuke Yoda entered The University of Tokyo. He joined a management team of a venture company in Uganda to develop new businesses. He won the first prize in a business contest. He came in 4th in The Global Enterprise Challenge. He does research on the economy and monetary systems at the University of Tokyo and has a thorough knowledge of the business world. He participated in development of potential strategies and augmented models of MOLD.

  • Shizuka Eguchi

    Shizuka Eguchi

    Market Researcher

    After graduating from a local public high school, Shizuka Eguchi entered The University of Tokyo. At the university, he served as one of the core members of the steering committee for International Business Contest. he is studying financial systems and market design. he found a kindred spirit with Ryuya Kou, who he met in the university, regarding the potential of crypto currency and became a member of MOLD development team.

  • Hirofumi Amano

    Hirofumi Amano

    Game consultant director

    Hirofumi Amano graduated from a private high school in Tokyo and went to China to further study. He currently studies finance law in Fudan University in Shanghai. Amano has met Asano in middle school age. He is also a cofounder of MorningFieldJapan company. He has many years of game experience, and has a deep understanding of the success factors in games.

  • James



    Software architect. More than 15 years of software designing experience. He has a variety experience of general software, mobile APP and block chain technology project development.

  • Li Long

    Li Long

    Full Stack Engineer

    Being a full stack engineer and entrepreneur, Li has been engaged in software industry for over 20 years. From Japan, Britain, Machine Translation software, Internet, free software, mobile APP embedded software to the Internet of things research and development, Li has extensive experience. In November 2016, Li becomes expertise of blockchain and artificial intelligence and created XIAOB robot.