Blockchain EngineerBlockchain Engineer

Job description

Blockchain engineer will be working in a global and agile team focusing on the development of the MOLD chain. As the blockchain solutions architect at MOLD, you will be responsible for collaboratively designing blockchain architecture powering MOLD Platform. You are a thought leader in shaping MOLD platform as an open source community, building an ecosystem of the decentralized virtual world.


Required Skills

  • Highly skilled in programming (especially object-oriented language)
  • Expertise in computer science (especially algorithms and data structure)
  • Knowledge of parallel and asynchronous processing
  • Deep understanding of the Bitcoin protocols

Desired Skills

  • Knowledge of functional language
  • Experience in developing compilers and interpreters
  • Experience in planning and developing protocols
  • Knowledge of security and encryption processing

Preferred Traits

  • Someone who is excited by our vision of creating the decentralized virtual world
  • Someone who loves technology and games