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What is MOLD?


MOLD is a fair and secure distributed gaming platform which

supports the development of

new games and simplifies the trading of items,

weapons, armors, and other valuable data.

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  • December 2015 MOLD Project:Overview Draft Completed
  • December 2016 MOLD β-presale release
  • August 2017 Web site release
  • October 2017 ICO
  • December 2017 MOLD Platfom character”molca”release
  • March 2018 MOLD Original Blockchain Announcement
  • April 2018 MOLD Original Blockchain Whitepaper release
  • 2018 Japan MeetUp
  • 2018 MOLD platform service release
  • 2018 MOLD platform on First game release

Game Development

Build a new kind of decentralized and exciting game in MOLD

Start building what you dream of creating in MOLD! Your business will open a new horizon
in a huge game industry by operating on a cryptographically secure, decentralized, userfriendly
network. And since you'll be among the first developers in the world that are able to
program decentralized games, some of them might need your help. Also MOLD plans to
prepare SDK (Software Development Kit) for developers to create new games easily.
If you are a game developer, why don’t you participate in our MOLD project!